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Which Cello? Gliga III or Struna Concert Cello? $2500 to $3000 Range Cello Review

If you are looking for a well made, solid cello within the $2500 - $3000 price range, I have a special treat just for you! What I’m going to talk to you about are the Gliga III and the Struna Concert cellos. Firstly, I have to mention that all our instruments are professionally set-up with [...]

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Jay Haide Violin VS Struna Maestro Violin

The two violins that take today’s spotlight are the Jay Haide and Struna Maestro. After being previously setup with a new fitted bridge and pegs, which we do for all of our violins, it has come the time for them to show us what they’ve got. Both of these violins are Guarneri style violins, meaning that they [...]

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Cello Review: Gliga I VS Master Struna $4000 Price Range

Hello again my fellow cello enthusiasts! Today I am going to discus with you about two cellos from the $4000 price range - the Gliga I and the Master Struna. Before we dive into the detail, I would like to point out that if you are contemplating buying a cello of your own; it is recommended you do so [...]

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Which Violin String Brand is right for you?

Violin String Review - Thomastik OR Pirastro?Here it is, the blog I have planned on doing for quite some time; the review of the more popular string brands in our shop. Today I will be comparing back-to-back several Thomastik and Pirastro string sets and I will comment on each of their pros and cons. So without further [...]

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​How To Rosin Your Bow

One of the first things everyone should do when they get their hands on a brand new violin or bow is to apply Rosin to it. Rosin is a made from processed tree sap and is often made as a small rectangle or round shape. If you forget to do so you will find out that [...]

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