Bernd Dimbath "P. Guarneri" E-Class Cello

Heinrich Gill

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Product Overview

Bernd Dimbath is an expert luthier from Bubenreuth, Germany. He is also the owner of the high-quality Heinrich Gill string instrument brand. He works in a small circle of coworkers in a personal workshop in Germany to create cellos and violins.

This instrument, the "P. Guarneri" E-Class is a premium recreation of the Guarneri style of cello, made by Pietro Guarneri. He was a masterful luthier from Cremona, Italy, having made this particular style of cello in 1739. This particular cello was handcrafted in 2016.

The E-Class level of cello designates this particular cello to be of very high quality, as opposed to other cellos with the "C" class level. It is a very high level cello with a gorgeous sound, hand made with love by an incredibly experienced team of luthiers with over 20 years of experience and over 300 years of tradition making string instruments.

Note: We are able to ship this cello to you Australia wide at a flat-rate shipping cost of $200. We would strongly recommend purchasing from our selection of hard cases for cellos also, as the instrument needs proper protection in order to be shipped safely.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review