Paul Ridden Australian made violin labelled Paul Sorensen no. 3004

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Product Overview



Paul Ridden fully hand made Australian violin

labelled 'Paul Sorensen'  after Paul's Grandfather.

This particular violin is referred to as 'the freckley one' by the staff at Whitehorse Music due to some of the white freckles in the varnish :)

We love the sound of this one.




Finest Artisan Quality

Each violin is built and optimized for tonal qualities, projection, instantaneous response to you the player to give you the ultimate paying experience. These violins can be played Forte with good tone and played easily in higher positions on the fingerboard with good response. These violins have the finest oil varnish and look spectacular.



I recently approved Paul Sorensen violins for sale at Whitehorse Music.
The response and depth of sound, along with the beautiful amber varnish won
me over.   I can recommend his violins for advancing violinists up to professional
-Richard Bodinnar-  owner Whitehorse Music


Sound Characteristics


  • Quick response
  • Deep tone on lower strings
  • Consistent sound in higher positions
  • Great sound projection 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review