Modern Harmony Method - Michael Griffin

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Product Overview

Michael Griffin is an educator, keynote speaker, author and pianist, and talks to staff, students, and parents about examining the factors that impact continuous improvement toward exceptional achievement.

Moderny Harmony Method is a well-organised text suitable both for students studying arranging and composition, and for clasically-trained musicians wishing to further grasp the simple logic of jazz harmony.

This book includes essential understandings of:
- Triad structures and inversions
- Selecting chords and chord symbols
- Simple but effective voicing formulae
- The circle of 4th progressions
- Extensions to the 9ths and dominant 13ths, and altered 5ths and 9ths

Modern Harmony Method also includes comprehensive explanations, examples, exercises, and solutions.  For school students, the course can be started in year 9 and worked through to the final year.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review