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Product Overview

Of all the strings for cello, the A string is the most demanding. From the loudest to the quietest, from open strings right up to the highest registers, and playing with any type of bowing style, your cello needs to sound and project. It is the string on which some of the instrument’s most popular melodies get played on, the string on which the most emotionally charged moments in cello music are expressed.

These requirements, among others, translate into a difficult string to manufacture. Yet our A string meets these requirements and more. With its wide dynamic range, quick response and ability to project, it will be a massive help in any concert environment..

The D in particular typically has a difficult job competing with the big, bright sounds of the A which the higher register naturally gives. This often leads to an unbalanced overall sound of the instrument.

But not anymore. Our revolutionary D has all the bright, clear openness of the A while keeping its mellow, deeper tones. Again, like all our strings, it provides unparalleled clarity and responsiveness over a large volume and register range.

The G string for cellos tends to be a difficult string to play with a muffled, unresponsive sound; a problem often encountered with thicker strings. But this is all changed now. The Rostanvo G string is an immensely easy string to play when compared with other brands. It is responsive, powerful, deep and clear sounding offering the cellist the opportunity to shine in middle register passages with great ease.

The bigger, the more open the bass, the better. But this used to come at the price of less power and especially responsiveness. This is because thicker strings produce bigger, better sounding bass, while the thinner the string the more pliable and flexible they are to either fingering or bow stroke.

Our strings are different by offering responsive, rich bass sounds over increased registers which at the same time produce clear, transparent tones normally associated with higher strings. This has been achieved by selecting specific materials and components which are then handcrafted together.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review