4/4 Coda Cello Bow - Diamond GX

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Product Overview

Coda Bow - Diamond GX  
(Gold Level)
As the crown jewel of the DIAMOND Collection

The DIAMOND GX embodies the unrivalled marriage of timeless craftsmanship
and industry-first technology.
Designed for professionals,
the GX offers performance once reserved for only the finest pernambuco bows.
Handcrafted in Winona, Minnesota.
The Diamond GX is advertised by CODA as their crown jewel. It is supposed to be the perfect combination of the principles of the masters and cutting edge technology. Sales of the Diamond GX classify them as the most coveted by professionals and CODA’s most popular and best bow. There is a very discernible responsiveness from frog to tip and has the best acoustic core in CODA.

While it is still made mainly of Kevlar, this bow is combined with new fibers and organic materials to make it sound, well, organic and even better. It can be said that it offers the best features that the best and traditional pernambuco sticks bring because it is claimed by CODA to be their best-selling violin bow for professionals. It brings a lot of sound and superior tracking ability while richness and warmth are common descriptions when violinists are using this stick. Plus, this one has an unbeatable lifetime warranty to boot.


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Lifetime Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review