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WEDNESDAY : 9am to 3pm

THURSDAY: 9am to 3pm


Appointment Shopping - FAQ


Appointment Shopping has been successfully implemented at high demand retail stores across the world in a response to customer experiences that support Covid19 Safety.


Our retail store experienced increased high demand and at times overwhelming demand at the time of each reopen after lockdowns.  Notably, the longer the lockdown the higher the backlog.


It has been a big relief to welcome such strong support - very grateful!

So that we can mitigate the numbers of customers coming through while maintaining your Covid 19 safety we are pleased to offer you Appointment Shopping.


Appointments will help us provide you with dedicated String specialists and time which is tailored to you while maintaining social distancing and support Covid safe requirements.


What is Appointment Shopping?


Shop in person with a String Specialist for your violin, viola or Cello.


You will have the opportunity for a dedicated in depth appointment with one of our String Specialists to help find the right Violin, Viola and Cello for you!


Select a 45 minute timeslot on our online booking service.


The booking will ask you to provide us with helpful information about the Instrument you seek, we can then prepare and select instruments to present to you!


Who should Attend?


Although, Pre-Covid we were pleased to meet your whole family but we will now need to limit the numbers to maintain social distance.


We ask you to attend with just one other person if possible.  

For example the String Student and one parent.


Can I choose the String Specialist?


There may be an option at the time of booking to select the String Specialist however it is not a guarantee that you will have that particular String Specialist on the day.  occasionally unforeseen circumstances occur so you may be provided with a different String Specialist on the day to the one you booked.


Will I have to wear a mask?


Yes. Face masks will be required for all customers 12 years and up unless you are medically exempt. Face masks should be securely around the face, specifically covering the nose and the mouth areas.


Can I try the instrument?


Yes!  Our String Specialist can demo the instruments to you first if you like.

Before we pass the instrument to you please allow time for our staff to Wipe the Chin Rest with an antibac wipe.  

We Do not wipe any other part of the instruments as alcohol based wipes affect the varnish.

Instruments returned to the display are cleaned after your visit in preparation for the next customer to try.

I am upsizing. Can I trade in the previous instrument?

Yes, please bring it along and we can assist you during the appointment to process eligible trade in Instruments.


Can I still buy other items such as upgrading my bow or purchase accessories during the appointment?

Yes, we will aim to find the right instrument for you and can then assist you with other items you may need if time permits.


Can I still browse during my appointment?


You are welcome to browse at your leisure without assistance after the appointment.

Your appointment is dedicated to assist you to find the right instrument for you.  If you require additional accessories such as music books we can assist you with this within your dedicated appointment time should time allow.

What if I am running late?


Call and let us know.  We can assist you to reschedule or you can attend for a truncated appointment.  Appointments must conclude at their original booking allocation and can not run overtime due to commitments to the other customer appointments booked.


What if I need to Cancel?

Please let us know.  Call 03 98901049 or email:


We can assist you to reschedule or you can re-book using the link:


​​We understand situations can arise in which you must cancel your appointment. Due to limited appointment availability, we request that you cancel with adequate notice - ie. the day prior. This allows us to fill that appointment slot.


In extreme cases, continued dismissal of attendance may result in a customer being unable to make future appointments.

We hope to avoid this as much as possible, but balance that with a demonstration of mutual respect. 


What if I missed my appointment - No Show?


If no prior notice or the notice given is not provided this may result in being placed on a waiting list to be rescheduled, however there is no guarantee that a reschedule is possible due to the limited number of availability of appointments.


Can I just walk in to purchase an instrument without an appointment?


You can try your luck, if we can help at the time we will but please note that you may need to wait or be asked to to come back at a more suitable time via an appointment.

We experience high volumes of appointment bookings and walk-ins for accessories, books and repairs.  We endeavour to maintain the government requirement of social distancing and capacity.

We encourage you to make appointments so we can provide focused service to you at an allocated time.