The Bow Is Half Your Instrument

Posted by Jeff Querubin on 23rd Aug 2019

You must be thinking, "I got my violin set-up, and a cozy room to practice. I think I'm all set to sound awesome!". It is good that you have considered servicing your string instrument for a profess … read more

Professional Set-Up at Whitehorse Music

Posted by Jeff Querubin on 2nd Aug 2019

Instrument set-up is something which is not advertised as something important when it comes to learning any instrument. One of the most common reasons why people stop training any string instrument is … read more

Which European Violin $20,000+ Range?

Posted by Richard Bodinnar on 1st Oct 2015

A Review of the Andrea Schudtz Violin and a 1930 William E. Hill and Sons ViolinWelcome ladies and gents to Whitehorse Music blog! I will be discussing in this section two exceptional violins that wou … read more

CELLO REVIEW! Struna Maestro vs. Scott Cao Cello

Posted by Richard Bodinnar on 1st Oct 2015

Scott Cao 900 Cello and the Struna Maestro CelloWelcome one more to Whitehorse Music Review. In this section, we will be comparing two amazing cellos that can be found in this beautiful shop. The two … read more