The Bow Is Half Your Instrument

Posted by Jeff Querubin on 23rd Aug 2019

You must be thinking, "I got my violin set-up, and a cozy room to practice. I think I'm all set to sound awesome!". It is good that you have considered servicing your string instrument for a professional set-up, however, you might be missing a point to further developing your tone and playing.

The bow is a vital piece of any string instrument that often gets taken for granted. It should not be treated just like a tool, it needs to be treated as a separate instrument for your instrument. Meaning, that just like how you did research to look for your next instrument, is the same process in selecting the right bow for your violin. Some intermediate players are at a dead-end, clueless on what they should do next to improve their playing when all they had to do is replace their old stock bows to newer and better ones.

Using custom-made bows as your new instrument piece will definitely give improvement to playing. In starting fresh on a new bow, you will notice that the sound you are making is more rich and smoother to the ear. This is because the materials on the bow, especially the strings, are specialized to sound good in contact with your violin strings. Your audiences will immediately notice a more refined sound because the bow makes it possible for your tone to cut through any room more compared to stock bows.

The Finkel Bows are good examples of bows that are crafted to make your playing comfortable and with good precision. These bows are made from quality ebony frogs, pernambuco wood, and silver wrapping for style. With a bow like this, you will never worry about taking your sound and playing to the next level.

If you want to learn more about Finkel bows, click here. For our Finkel Bow available in store, here is a link.

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