4/4 Coda Cello Bow - Diamond SX

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Coda Bow - Diamond SX  
(Silver Level)


A stunning technological tribute to history’s fine bows,

The DIAMOND SX offers premium performance for professionals.
Sophisticated and reliable, the SX is the ideal ‘touring’ bow for every professional artist and teacher.Handcrafted in Winona, Minnesota.
The next step in the ladder is the CODA Diamond SX. CODA describes this bow as a sort of tribute to some of the best bows in history. It is made of Kevlar and makes use of their patented Graphite Diamond Weave for the shaft which is supposed to get that right mix of balance and flexibility. Like the NX it still has the Xebony and also uses Gold Medal Stallion Hair. It weighs around 60.5 grams and is really good for students who are doing sautilles and spiccatos with gusto.

The SX is considered a toned down version of the GX, which is considered by CODA as their best bow in practically all levels. As such, the former has similar balance and flexibility. A sweet, mellow, and soft tone is often the results of using this bow. Violinists who are part of the orchestra and some professionals are some of this bow’s biggest and most ardent fans.

Includes 10 Year Warranty. 

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10 Year Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review