*SALE* Peter Infeld Blue Violin Strings Set 4/4

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Infeld Blue Violin Strings (Set) 4/4


Using new combinations of materials, innovative designs, construction and gauging this has become the favoured string line among the top orchestral string players. Using more expensive, higher tensile strength core material for greater flexibility and sustain, even building new machines to allow for an unusual winding design that achieves tonal balance.

* suitable for old and new instruments.
* relatively insensitive to excess humidity.
* strings settle in quickly, stabilising early on in the string's life for concert use.
* low overall tension on the instrument produces an open, transparent sound.
* very responsive to different playing techniques, lending itself to various interpretative approaches.
* large and full sound, making the string sets suitable for soloists and chamber music players.
* good purity of open fifths, even when strings are older.
* excellent response in all positions.
* the set emphasises the innate tonal characteristics of each violin, making instrument adjustment easier.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review