Struna Maestro Extra 3/4 Violin Outfit (includes Bow, Case & Pro Set-Up)

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Product Overview



Top of the Struna Range.  

Ideal for the performer, concert halls, orchestral performances and rehearsals.

Impressive strong powerful Instrument with rich deep tone.

Sound Characteristics

  • Powerful
  • Fantastic projection
  • Deep Rich tone 


  • Aged Russian Spruce Top
  • Flamed maple Back and Sides
  • High quality spirit oil combination varnish



The Struna Maestro Extra Violin


As many may have already known, the Struna violins are a creation of Richard Bodinnar, a renowned string specialist who is passionate in enhancing violins of amazing qualities. The Struna Maestro is just one of the four models of Strunas created by Richard with the collaboration of a master luthier.


While the Struna Maestro may be created by the apprentices of the head luthier, the Struna Maestro Extra is done solely by the master luthier himself, hence the word Extra.


To   ensure the top quality of the Struna Maestro Extra violin, very expensive and aged Italian spruce is used for the top. The back, sides, and neck are made of high quality Bosnian maple. Ebony practically makes up the rest, including the nut and fingerboard. To achieve a very antique look, the Chinese luthier advised by Richard used a combination of spirit and oil varnish. The result brings out the best of the timbers in looks and gives the violin an extremely antique appearance. Antique but not cheap is a very good description of its aesthetic appeal. Physical beauty and craftsmanship are exceedingly obvious with the Struna Maestro Extra.


Part of the reason why the high quality aged Italian spruce was used as a sounding board is its mellow sound. There is a very audible soft and pleasant sound produced by the Struna Maestro Extra. It feels like a sweet caress with every melody this violin creates. More than just simply sounding mellow, which could easily fade out somewhere in the middle of the concert hall, the mellow sound is characterized by an obvious strength. The strength somehow sustains the mellow sound created by the Struna Maestro Extra.


The mellow sound of the Struna Maestro Extra becomes even better with the deep and rich tones of the lower register. A mellow sound with a deep bottom usually makes the player sound a lot better. This makes the violin a very solid option for advanced or intermediate students. The depth of the sound produced by the Extra is made possible with some very solid fundamentals and excellent overtones. Playing the D and G strings has never been better.


Richness is another quality that is often tied with mellow and almost always linked with depth at the bottom. The right depth and richness of this violin saves the violinist from sounding muddy or unfocused on the lower register. Again, a nice combination of fundamentals and overtones makes the richness possible.


Resonant is yet another quality associated with the Struna Maestro Extra. There is a very evident rightful continuity of the sound coming from this violin. Resonance is very important in preventing the notes from sounding hurried or clipped.


To round off its versatility, the Struna Maestro Extra offers a very consistent upper register. While it is not really an overwhelming kind of shimmering at the top, the violinist should never be in danger of faltering when the high notes come. It is somewhat solid in the upper register.


Unsurprisingly, after 7 years of collaboration with a magnificent luthier, Richard has indeed produced an extra gem of undeniable quality and beauty.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review