Swiss made Finkel 14" and over Viola Bow Nr. 12 Lefin

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This is the No. 400 Lefin viola bow from the famous Finkel workshop in Switzerland.


A brief history of Finkel Bows:

The tradition of the Finkel-Weidhaas bows started in the 19th century with Ewald Weidhaas (1869 – 1939). Weidhaas manufactured his bows in the city of Markneukirchen, the centre of violin-making in Germany. His son Paul took over his father's workshop after working for master luthiers and bowmakers Victor Fetique, L.C.A Bausch and Max Möller. Siegfried Finkel (1927 – 2010) married Paul Weidhaas's daughter and completed an apprenticeship with his father-in-law before moving to Brienz, Switzerland and starting his own business in 1952. The Bogenwerkstätte became one of the world's most famous bow making companies.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review