Heinrich Gill W2 4/4 (Cello Only with Pro Set-Up)

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Knowing the Heinrich Gill W2 Cello

One of the best options for the intermediate student is the Heinrich Gill W2 cello. Since the pedigree or the caliber of the luthier is a very important consideration in choosing a good cello, the student should feel comfortable with the W2 cello because Heinrich Gill string instruments of exceptional quality have been around since 1952. No luthiers worth their salt can exist for decades, if the quality and beauty of their string instruments are below par.

The Heinrich Gill Company also owns one of the largest storage of age tone woods in the whole world. As such, they have a whole assortment of age woods that would be superb materials for fantastic cellos. Usually, Heinrich Gill luthiers handpick woods that have been stored for at least 10 years. The student should be assured of the meticulous care, planning, and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of the Heinrich Gill W2 cello.

The W2 model is also one of the newer models coming from Heinrich Gill. These models are acoustically-engineered to sound relatively the same. It means that cellos of the same model almost always sound similar. There is a great level of consistency all throughout their models as well.

Seasoned and high-quality spruce is used for the top while maple of top quality is utilized in the back, side, and neck. Ebony makes up the some of the other parts like the fingerboard and nut. The W2 is then coated with just the right amount of varnishing to make it look good and sound even better.

Like most popular cello choices on the market, the W2 features an aged look as well. However, instead of making it look extremely hold, the luthiers put their own spin on the cello and make it look like a century old cello. The craftsmanship and quality are very evident in the way the W2 is made.

When it comes to sound quality, the W2 model has a resonant and ringing tone with plenty of focus at the top. It is also loud enough and powerful enough to really matter. The intermediate student and even early professionals should really give this cello a big shot.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review