4/4 Heinrich Gill W2 (Violin Only with Pro Set-Up)

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Heinrich Gill W2 Violin


Heinrich Gill violins have graced the world since 1952. For more than 60 years, they have been producing violins of exceptional quality, beauty, and performance. From the Heinrich Gill himself to the current master luthier, Bernd Dimbath, the same standards of materials and construction have been maintained and improved to produce highly-coveted violins.

Speaking of improvement, most of the Heinrich Gill violins are now acoustically-engineered. It means that with the use of this new technology, these violins of the same model fairly sound the same. The use of new names, which consist of a letter and a number, for their new violins coincides with the use of this new technology.

The Heinrich Gill W2 violin is one of the new models coming out of Bernd Dimbath’s workshops. It is a very well made violin as it is produced from its large stores of tone woods. Heinrich Gill violins usually use woods that have been seasoned for quite some time to make it not only look old but sound old as well. Many of their tone woods are taken from the Austrian Alps and from the Baltic regions. The luthiers carefully picked through the stores of tone woods to produce the Heinrich Gill W2 violins.

The Heinrich Gill W2 violin is staying true to their heritage of exceptional beauty and performance. It offers a very antique look without looking cheap in the process. The antiquing is done with taste and finesse. They also employ the kind of varnishing that brings out the best looks of the timbers being used. Each of these W2 violins is meticulously crafted to the standards of Heinrich Gill himself.

The top part is made of high quality spruce while the back, sides, and neck are taken from highly-flamed maple. Ebony makes up the nut, fingerboard, and other parts of the violin. A French Aubert bridge is also utilized in this violin. This is a violin that is oozing with quality beauty and worth every penny of its price.

The Heinrich Gill W2 violin has a very deep and pleasant sound that entices the violinist to play it easy and slow, so the audience can fully savor the depth and pleasant sounds. This very nice depth provides a very nice combination of fundamental sound and overtones. It is never brassy in the lower register as well.

Richness is another superb quality of the Heinrich Gill W2 violin. Although it is hard to really describe how richness is supposed to be, suffice to say that the W2 violin brings up pictures of full-blooded and fresh fruits on display. One can almost see the juice seeping out of these fruits with every bite. In the same manner, one can really hear the life of the sounds coming from this violin.

Smoothness is also an underlying feature of this violin. There is a very smooth interplay of all strings in bit subdued sound. As such, this is not a violin that would really attract soloists. The beauty of the Heinrich Gill W2 is in its deep, smooth, and rich sound in a subdued kind of way.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review