4/4 Heinrich Gill X7 (Violin Only with Pro Set-Up)

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The Heinrich Gill X7 Violin - Made in Germany


Since 1952, Heinrich Gill has been produced violins that are renowned for their artistic looks and incredible quality. From its humble beginnings, the torch of producing high quality violins was passed on to the master violin maker, Bernd Dimbath. Today, Heinrich Gill violins are prized by violinists for the amazing combination of early masters’ principles and innovative designs as well as ideas.

For undeniable quality, the Heinrich Gill X7 violin is made after thorough and meticulous choice of timber. The workshops of Bernd Dimbath are known for the quality of tone woods at their disposal. They house some of the best tone woods one can find in the business of violin making. Most of their tone woods are taken from the Alps in Austria and the mountains in Bosnia. The spruce and maple woods from these areas are known for their superb tonal qualities. The luthiers in Bernd’s workshops handpick tonal woods that have been in storage for more or less 10 years. The quality is indisputably guaranteed.

The most apparent feature of the Heinrich Gill X7 is its antique look. Although most violins do try to take on an aged look for better appeal, some fall short of expectations for both sound quality and aesthetic value. There are violins in the market at about the same price range as the Heinrich Gill X7 that looks ancient and cheap. On the other hand, the Heinrich Gill X7 looks and sounds far more expensive than its actual price.

Like most violins, the top is made of excellent spruce while the back, sides, and neck are constructed out of high quality maple. The Heinrich Gill X7 violin has a French Aubert bridge with ebony for the fingerboard, nut, and fittings. Top quality varnishing brings out the best of the timber and provides the right kind of antique look. The craftsmanship of the violin is very obvious even with one glance.

Aside from using scientific technology to determine the tonal properties of the wood, they also use modern ways to make a fairly new violin sound older than it actually is. This is no small feat.  One can be assured of sound qualities associated with much more expensive and older violins in the market.

Acoustical engineering is another method that is guaranteed by Heinrich Gill with the X7 violin. The technology provides reasonable consistency in all X7 violins. Since the violins are not usually from the same piece of wood, they almost always never sound exactly the same. But with the technology they are using, consistency is enhanced that the variances between models is significantly lessened.

When it comes to sound quality, the most immediate feature that leaps out of the violin is power. It has got pure and unbridled power that makes it coveted for soloists. For those violinists who are looking for a violin that can make them stand out for a very reasonable price, the Heinrich Gill X7 violin is an extremely good choice.

While some of the best qualities of a violin like the warmth and brilliance are difficult to measure, power is something that is very clear as it is measured in decibels and infinitely valuable to a fiddler. Power alone can carry the notes to the farthest corners of a concert hall. As pointed out, Heinrich Gill X7 has plenty of oomph to be superb for soloists.

Another feature that easily stands out with the Heinrich Gill X7 is the consistency of the upper registers. While some violins of lesser caliber and pedigree will falter once the high notes are hit, this violin simply allows the violinist to maintain the momentum and rhythm in hitting the high notes.

Brilliance is also another feature which is present in the Heinrich Gill X7 violin. This feature is very much related to the violin’s consistency with the high notes and in the upper register. As such, the violin is capable of playing some dazzling music, particularly on the E and G strings. The E and G strings are prominent when playing breathtaking music since they are the outermost strings on both sides and allows the fiddler maximum movement and articulation.

At its regular price of around $8299 the Heinrich Gill X7 is a Violinist delight.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review