4/4 Coda Violin Bow - Luma

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Coda 4/4 Violin Bow - Luma 

The last bow in this list is the CODA Luma, which is considered to be superb imitations of the best bows of Thomassin among others. It is made of practically the same substance as the rest of the bows here except for the GX which has better organic components. The frogs of all bows here, including the Luma is made by Walter Paulus, who is reputedly the best in the business.

The CODA Luma is designed to be lighter than all the other bows mentioned. As such, it has great maneuverability and perfect for spiccatos and ricochets. The sounds most associated with this bow is sweetness with varying tonal colors. It also provides enviable smoothness and clarity and is widely popular with advancing students, jazz, and bluegrass enthusiasts.

Includes with 10 Year Warranty. 

specialized performance bow
Handcrafted in Winona, Minnesota, USA

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10 Year Warranty

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review