RAAN - Shaped Polycarbonate Violin Case - All Sizes [SELECT COLOURS]


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Product Overview

PLEASE NOTE: If the colour you want is out of stock, please contact us for more information including an ETA on when we can get them in stock.

Colours may vary from pictures. If you would like more information, please contact us for additional photos.

Raan Cases at Whitehorse Music are ordered per customer request. 

Not just a case,

they are art collections.

RAAN Violin Cases aims is to give string players a unique case experience, by offering cases with distinctive colour options, and bold textured finishes.

Designed in Singapore, RAAN Violin Cases draw their inspiration from Japan and Indonesia. This has resulted in high quality, vibrant and colourful violin cases, with modern functions and a trendy design.

The RAAN Violin cases are made using a polycarbonate outer shell, which are strong yet lightweight. The shell has a soft touch finish, making them gorgeous to touch and beautifully rich in colour. Padded backpack straps allow the case to be comfortably carried over the shoulder when on the move. Inside, you’ll find the modern functions and features that make the RAAN Cases stand out from the pack. The inner lining is quilted, adding a luxurious feel to the case. A built in hygrometer lets you monitor the humidity, while the accessories compartment lets you store your bits and pieces away. The shoulder rest, and string tube strap, offers a spot to secure your items and minimise contact with your instrument. For added convenience, an adjustable sizing strap is included, making it possible to use the case over two sizes (4/4-3/4 or 1/2-1/4).


Weight: 1.85kg (2.1kg with accessories)
Size: 4/4-3/4
Material: Polycarbonate (outer shell)

+ Designed in Singapore, Made in China
+ Polycarbonate outer shell is strong yet lightweight
+ Soft touch exterior and quilted inner lining added a luxurious feel
+ Padded backpack straps allow for comfortable carrying
+ Two bow spinners
+ Built in hygrometer lets you monitor the humidity
+ Instrument blanket adds an extra layer of protection within the case
+ Adjustable sizing strap means the case can be used for 4/4 and 3/4 sizes
+ Shoulder rest strap keeps your shoulder rest securely in place
+ String tube strap
+ Accessories compartment


(No reviews yet) Write a Review