4/4 Raggetti Master 6.0 (Violin Only with Pro Set-Up)

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The Raggetti Masters series are violins that are faithfully patterned after the works of the great masters like Stradivari, Guarneri, and Amati. These almost exact replications capture in essence the history and pedigree of some of the best violins ever created. The physical beauty of these babies, at their price range, is almost staggering.

Another very interesting fact about the Raggetti is that these are violins that are generally made in China. The country of origin is one of the foremost considerations when choosing a violin. Whereas people used to smirk when a violin is made in China, it is certainly not the case any longer. Any workshop anywhere in the world worth its salt would readily admit that many of the Chinese violins in the market are incredible masterpieces of their own.

Any violin that seeks to copy the best of the masters should almost always use top quality timber to replicate at least in style the best violins. The Raggetti Masters 6.3 uses top of the range and seasoned spruce as its sounding board. Highly-flamed maple is used on the back, neck, and sides. Ebony of exceptional quality is used for the fingerboard and other parts.  It has rosewood tailpiece and pegs styled after the best French violins.

To make the wood showcase its fine grain and well-flamed features, oil varnishing is tastefully and meticulously coated on the violin. Varnishing is also applied with performance in mind. It allows the Raggetti Masters 6.3 to sound full and resonant. The violin intricately combines the best del Gesu and Stradivari features and principles. The result is a violin that indeed looks every bit as old as a 300 year old violin with amazing sound qualities as well.

The quality of the craftsmanship and the physical beauty of the Raggetti Masters series are some of the primary reasons why they are sought by many violinists. Almost always, one would always opt for a better looking violin when given the choice. Fans of the Raggetti Masters series would definitely not be disappointed with the 6.3 versions when it comes to aesthetic appeal.

One dominant character of this violin is the kind of power it produces. Seldom will one see, if ever, of a violinist who desires not to be heard. Power is so important that many people judge a violin’s worth based on the power the violin produces. With the Raggetti Masters 6.3, the violinist would be capable of producing sound that should be heard by everyone inside a cavernous hall.

Clarity is also another feature that the Raggetti Masters 6.3 provides. Power is hopelessly weakened if the notes coming from the violin are fuzzy. If the notes are indistinct, the audience will hear a diluted version of the musical piece. In fact, a violin without clarity can easily sound monotonous from the back rows. Fortunately, these two important features are found in abundance with the Raggetti 6.3.

For those who are looking for a violin that has amazing craftsmanship, with the history and physical beauty to go with it, the Raggetti Masters 6.3 is the perfect choice.


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