Struna Master 4/4 Cello Outfit (includes Bow, Soft Case & Pro Set-Up)

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Product Overview

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This cello is an absolute favourite with our String Team and Teachers across Australia!  

Impress your audience with beautiful depth and projection with your own next performance.

Beautifully handcrafted to meticulous specifications based on the traditional theories, methods and specifications in shape, thickness and varnish of the famous Stradivarius instruments.  

The Aged Russian spruce helps sustain virbations better then other timbers. The combination of spriit and oil varnish allows the timber to vibrate the way it should and creates superior depth and strength of tone.
The Struna Master is very popular with the advancing student.

Sound Characteristics

  • Impressive projection and sustain
  • Beautiful Singing Tone
  • Deep Rich sustained tone
  • Retained warmth 


  • Aged Russian Spruce Top
  • Flamed maple Back and Sides
  • Layers of spirit and oil varnish


Product Videos


(No reviews yet) Write a Review