Struna Master 7/8 Violin Outfit (includes Bow, Case & Pro Set-Up)

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The Struna Master Violin




Beautifully handcrafted to meticulous specifications based on the traditional theories, methods and specifications in shape, thickness and varnish of the famous Stradivarius instruments.  
The Aged Russian spruce helps sustain virbations better then other timbers. The combination of spriit and oil varnish allows the timber to vibrate the way it should and creates superior depth and strength of tone.




Sound Characteristics


  • Big Volume
  • Beautiful Singing Tone
  • Deep Rich sustained tone
  • Retained warmth 




  • Aged Russian Spruce Top
  • Flamed maple Back and Sides
  • Layers of spirit and oil varnish




The Struna Master Violin




Richard Bodinnar, the co-owner of Whitehorse music, is a string specialist.. He spends numerous hours each day in his workshop making new sound posts or bridges and almost everything else to make sure that the violins in his co-owned shop would give out the best sound possible.




His creativity and love of the string instruments have led him to collaborate with another master luthier from China to eventually create the Struna brand. Currently, there are now four models under the same brand of the Struna family. Part of the family of Strunas is the $1,500 Struna Master that is excellent for advanced to intermediate students.




The Struna Master is the next level after the $1,000 Struna Concert. While the former still uses the same exceptional Russian spruce for its top, it has a much better varnishing and overall sound quality. For the back, sides, and neck, Richard uses high quality well-flamed maple. All the other parts like the fingerboard, nuts, pegs, chin rest, and saddle are made of top of the range ebony.




For a really nice look, the Struna Master uses two kinds of varnishing. Spirit varnishing as well as oil varnishing combination is used on the wood for a violin that looks really antique. The varnishing also allows the wood to vibrate the way it should be for a fuller and more sustained sound.  The Struna Master violins in the Whitehorse Music store looks like a 300 year old Guarneri. The violin looks very old with incredible craftsmanship.




One very clear sound quality in the Struna Master, which is practically the trademark of Strunas across all models, is its depth. For those who would want to hear the exceptional depth in its sound, particularly for the bottom strings, Richard has posted a review showcasing the fantastic sound quality of the Struna Master.




The depth in the bottom strings is really noteworthy since it is something that does not become muddy at all. There are other violins in the market that has some great depth, but becomes unfocused when one pushes it hard to perform. The Struna Master has a clear and deep bottom sound from start to finish.




Aside from a very nice depth in the bottom strings, the quality is complemented by consistency in the upper register. While other violins with exceptional depth tend to suffer in the upper register, the Struna Master offers all-around performance in all strings and from both registers.




The Struna Master also has incredible balance in all the strings. Well, it is not surprising since Richard and his team are extremely meticulous in giving the best setup possible for every violin in the shop.  




The Struna Master is definitely worth more than its $1,500 price tag!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review