Developing Musical Skill for Students - Michael Griffin

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Michael Griffin is an educator, keynote speaker, author and pianist, and talks to staff, students, and parents about examining the factors that impact continuous improvement toward exceptional achievement.

Developing Musical Skill for Students is a student guide for improving the quality of musical practice.

Containing an original medley of timeless wisdom, evidence-based strategies, and encouragement, Developing Musical Skill offers valuable insight on the essentials of reaching musical excellent that are within anyone's grasp if they possess the correct perspective and method of practice.

Developing Musical Skill is guided by the philosophy that achievement in music, and indeed most other pursuits, is largely a result of intrinsic belief mindsets coupled with the quantity and quality of practice.  By creating the optimal circumstances to retain and further accomplishment, any student can improve their skills and abilities dramatically.

Developing Musical Skills is the student companion to the highly acclaimed Learning Strategies for Musical Success.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review