Easy Piano Pieces for Children

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Product Overview

The compositions in  Easy Piano Pieces  For Children have all been carefully selected for the beginner pianist. Over 100 selections in this songbook are progressively graded, with editorial markings and suggested fingering, allowing beginner children to learn with specially selected songs that they will enjoy playing. As an addition to the bestselling  Everybody's Favorite series, these attractive and original pieces are easy to play and will allow young pianists to have fun while improving various aspects of their technique. This large songbook includes classic favourites by Mozart, Debussy and Grieg, Piano miniatures by Schumann, Arensky and Türk, as well as selections from Bartók's  For Children , among many others. Each piece is graded with a star to indicate difficulty, while a glossary of music symbols and a keyboard chart are included to help early students with note and key recognition.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review