Giulio Amato - Guarneri model Violin 2023

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This violin is part of a collection of high-quality instruments imported directly from Europe.

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Giulio Amato
 is a young luthier. He graduated from Milan’s Civic school of Lutherie, under the guidance of masters Stefano Gibertoni, Gabriele Negri and Lorenzo Rossi. Then, working in Rossi’s workshop, he specialized in modern instruments and replicas of ancient ones. In 2015 he opened his own workshop in the heart of Rome, in Campo de’ Fiori, an area renowned for its craft workshops. Today Giulio specializes in making and restoring classical string quartet instruments: violinsviolas and cellos. Each one of his instruments is a unique artwork, entirely handmade: the master personally tends to each step of the crafting process, from selecting the materials to the making, from painting to fine tuning. Each year he attends important competitions and trade fairs.

(taken from Giulio Amato's biography at

This violin is a brand new copy of the Joseph Guarnerius made in Cremona in 1744. With two Thomastik-Infeld Pi Strings, a Pirastro Evah Pirazzi A and a Pirastro Goldflex E, the sound is very bright, loud and warm. It comes with a certificate of authenticity including a handwritten message from Giulio Amato including a little bit about the violin in Italian.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review