Gliga II 13" Viola Outfit (includes Bow, Case & Pro Set-Up)

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Product Overview

Gliga II Viola Package    The Gliga II is a creation of master luthier Vasile Gliga from Romania. Vasile Gliga has garnered a horde of string instruments fans throughout the world because of the quality of craftsmanship that his string instruments offer. Numerous strings instrument shops across the world almost always have Gliga violins, violas, or cellos at their disposal. As with many string instruments, the topnotch quality is very dependent on the kind of materials used to create the instrument. The woodlands within the vicinity of Vasile Gliga’s workshops in Romania are famous for the kind of resonance and quality that they provide to any string instrument. For this reason, some of these woodlands are called the Italian’s valley. Master luthiers from just about every country who knows a thing or two about superb wood materials often found themselves in these parts. Because these forests are technically his backyard, Vasile Gliga must have a very good understanding of the riches of materials at his disposal. The Gliga II, which is a really significant upgrade from the Gliga I, is made of solid resonance spruce top while the back, neck, and sides come from the moderately flamed maple of high quality. Ebony is the main materials used for the pegs, fingerboard, nut, and other parts. Numerous and extremely thin layers of German oil varnish are used to provide the Gliga II with a smooth and very antiquated look. Like the case of excellent luthiers, the varnishing is designed to flaunt the grains of the timbers and to aid the sound of the viola. Aside from the quality of materials used in the Gliga II, there is a very evident showcase of skilled craftsmanship with every one of these masterpieces. From the pegs and down all the way to the tailpiece and chin rest, one can see the exquisite care and passion for detail that is applied on the Gliga II. If looks are the basis of choosing a viola alone, the Gliga II would be a shoo-in for beginners and intermediate students. It certainly looks way more expensive than its $1,000 price tag. Traditionally, the Gligas are known for the kind of depth and mellow sound that have made people fall in love with violas. If warmth and roundness in a mellow, but strong sound are the tones of choice, then the Gliga II has all of these qualities in abundance. Seldom can one find a viola with these extremely sought after sound qualities in this price range. To put the sound qualities in perspective, other violas of lesser substance under the same price range sometimes sound muddled or simply warps quite clearly, particularly when the violist really pushes it hard. When it comes to the correct size for a prospective violist, it is best to seek advice from a teacher or a professional. Looking for the right size and fit for young students is always a concern for prospective violists because of the imperfect resonant form of the viola. That being said, the Gliga II comes in different sizes and should be really considered as a very good option for violas of this price range.   “Gliga II” Series Viola. Intermediate student range handcrafted in Romanian workshops featuring flamed maple back, sides and neck and resonance spruce top. Body and scroll have rounded outline superior to series III. The oil varnish is hand applied and accessories are of finer grade.Pegs - Ebony Swiss Style, Tailpiece - Ebony Hill style with white fret, Chinrest - Ebony Guarneri style, Fingerboard - Ebony, Purfling - Inlaid, Grade - Light to Medium Flame, Varnish - German Oil, Antique finish.   Includes Bow and Case.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review