Helmut Illner B 4/4 (Violin Only with Pro Set-Up)

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Helmet Illner B


The name of the maker is one of the top reasons that determine the choice of violin for some people. For this reason, the violins of Stradivari, Guarneri, and Amati command ridiculously high prices. Aside from the history of their string instruments, their creations are coveted by millions simply because of the name attached to it. Even a millionaire who can’t tell one string from another would spend heavily for a chance to own an instrument directly created by the aforementioned three. In some sense, this is also the reason why most luthiers always marketed their works to resemble, at least in principle, the works of the old masters.

For the past several decades, one of the most sought after violin makers is the German Helmut Illner. He is a master luthier who has won several violin making competitions in the past. Many of his works are sought for their incredible sound quality and physical beauty. The old masters would have been proud to know the works of this modern day luthier.

The Helmut Illner B Model violin is a moderately priced violin that has top range quality. It is made of seasoned Chinese spruce that is painstakingly picked for their fantastic tonal properties. A well-flamed maple of high quality is used in the other parts like the neck, back, and sides. To bring out the best look of the excellent timbers used for this violin, a light and shiny varnishing technique are utilized. The Helmut Illner B violin looks fairly antique. It tries to veer away from the heavily antiqued stereotype look that most violins offer today. The quality of the Helmut Illner B violin is very apparent in the way that it is made.

One of the most obvious characteristic of the B model is its clarity. A violin with a very clear sound makes it easier for the violinist with his bowing. The fiddler does not have to exert too much effort with his bowing to produce distinct sounds. Instead of just solely concentrating on producing distinct notes, the fiddler should be able to focus on every aspect of his playing. Clarity also goes a long way in projecting the sound of the violin. A violin with vague or indistinct sound will not allow the audience sitting in the last rows to determine the sound coming from that violin.

Brilliance is another feature found in the Helmut Illner B violin. Hearing the notes played in the upper register will remind one of a bright and shiny day. There is a very clear sparkling ring with the tone in the upper register. This quality makes the B model a fantastic choice for fiddlers who would want to dazzle their audience. A dazzling musical piece would somehow even sound better with a violin that has a brilliant sound.

While there is brilliance in the upper register, this quality in the Helmut Illner B violin is complemented by some depth in the lower register. The depth is even more pronounced with some slower musical pieces.

Overall, the Helmut Illner B violin is a top notch violin with tasteful looks and amazing sound qualities.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review