*SALE* Obligato by Pirastro Viola Strings (set)

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Product Overview

Obligato by Pirastro Viola Strings (set) Suits 15"-16.5" Viola 

The development of the new OBLIGATO viola strings is based on an exclusive new core material, along with advances in manufacturing technique. The result is an ideal blend: the proven sound characteristics of PIRASTRO® gut strings along with the advantages of synthetic based strings (stability in tone and quick playability).


  • absolute dependability
  • highest degree of modulation
  • big soloistic and powerful tonal volume
  • warm sound characteristics, brilliant, clear and focused
  • reacts even at most sensible impulses
  • optimal reaction by virtuouso playing
  • easy response in all dynamic sections
  • optimal left hand feeling
  • soft and immediately playable
  • resistant to changes in temperature and humidity; enormous stability in tone
  • all strings are tuned for optimal set harmony


(No reviews yet) Write a Review