Struna Classroom 13" Viola Outfit (includes Bow, Case & Pro Set-Up)

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The Strunas, as fans of string instruments may know, are a trademark of Whitehorse Music’s Richard Bodinnar. In many of his video reviews and blog posts, Richard acknowledges this amazing Chinese luthier for his superb craftsmanship and skills in making string instruments. The co-owner of Whitehorse Music spends some of his time going to this Chinese’s small shop to provide some insights regarding issues like thickness and varnishing. Through the years, they have produced some very good string instruments from beginners to professionals.

The Strunas are what Richard would call the result of a 7-year collaboration with this amazing Chinese luthier. In the case of the Struna Classroom viola, this is promoted as the perfect start for beginners or prospective violinists. It has exceptional beauty, sound quality, and craftsmanship for a viola of the $1,000 price range. In fact, one can honestly say that this is bargain for everything that the Struna Classroom brings plus the kind of service that Richard and his team at Whitehorse Music provides.

For a viola of this price, top quality timbers are being used. The top is made of high quality Russian spruce while the back, sides, and neck are made of fairly-flamed maple. Other parts like the pegs, fingerboard, and nut come from very good quality ebony. One very good thing about string instruments coming from Richard’s shop is that they are fitted and provided with everything necessary to make the instruments sound as best as possible. This includes putting necessary new parts like sound posts, bridge, and strings to maximize the potential of the instruments.

To bring out the best features of the timbers, high quality Italian spirit varnish is utilized. The moderately flamed woods are emphasized while the grains are also discernible. Above making the viola exquisitely old, the varnishing allows the wood to vibrate the way it wants to. The varnishing that really helps the timbers do their best are skills mostly associated with the best luthiers.

One sound quality that is common among all Struna brands, including the Struna Classroom is the kind of power it offers. It is very strong and bold. Beginners or intermediate students should really feel comfortable with this sort of power and volume the Struna Classroom brings. It allows them to concentrate with their other mechanics, especially since violas require more effort in producing sound. With this viola, at least one very important quality is sufficiently provided.

The allure in violas that beginners and professionals find really hard to resist is found in the special kind of richness, warmth, and depth that can only be produced by this string instrument. Well, violinists of all stages, particularly the beginners, can readily give in to the kind of seduction that a viola brings. The Struna Classroom has all of these qualities in abundance. Getting a good instrument with the right kind of sound is definitely the best way for beginners fall in love with music.

The Struna Classroom’s beauty, quality, and performance are certainly worth a shot for beginners and intermediate students alike.
Struna Package includes:
Struna Viola
Full Professional Set-Up


(No reviews yet) Write a Review