Struna Concert 16" Viola Outfit (includes Bow, Case & Pro Set-Up)

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Yes! We can do video demonstrations of our instruments for you - please give us a call on +61 3 9890-1049 or email us at to arrange :) 


The Struna instruments are based on the traditional theories, methods and specifications in shape, thickness and varnish of the famous Stradivarius instruments.  

Every Struna instrument undergoes a thorough inspection and is test played for workmanship and tone quality.


The Careful selection of timbers including Russian Spruce and flamed maple account for the impressive quality of these instruments.  The accurate varnish application of a high quality Italian spirit varnish brings out the beauty of the timber.
Struna Concert Package includes:
Struna Viola
Full Professional Set-Up


(No reviews yet) Write a Review