Struna Concert 4/4 Violin Outfit (includes Bow, Case & Pro Set-Up)

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Product Overview

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A great choice for Violin students who want to 'Level Up'.  The Struna Concert proudly takes its place in the Struna range for Violin Students progressing perhaps onto the next level.  Very popular for students moving up in size - inparticular to a Full Size Violin.

Sound Characteristics


  • Good response
  • Warm tone 
  • Good sound projection 


  • Russian Spruce Top
  • Flamed maple Back and Sides
  • High quality Italian spirit varnish 

The  Struna Concert Violin



The Struna Concert violin is part of a quartet of Struna brand violins created by Richard Bodinnar of Whitehorse Music. Richard has a deeply ingrained passion for string instruments, it is but natural that Richard would eventually venture into creating a stringed instrument that he is completely enamored with.


Because the creator of the Struna Concert is also a professional musician and teacher, it would be very obvious that the influence of the great luthiers of violins would be consequently found in his work. Besides, it is extremely odd to find a violin that is not based or patterned in one way or another to the original makers from Cremona, Italy.


Despite what many people say that the substance is always better than form when it comes to violins, almost always the preferred choice would be the violin with better form or physical beauty. The Struna Concert violin is handcrafted to look like an old Guarneri masterpiece. Using high quality Italian spirit varnish, the violin has a very nice antique look without being shoddy. The right kind of varnish used also allows the wood to vibrate normally for excellent sound quality. A violin with less than ideal varnishing or coated haphazardly in varnish will cause a muted or poor quality sound.


The wood is hands down the most important and critical feature of any violin. Generally, spruce makes for superb sounding boards. Almost all high quality string instruments use it to help generate sound. For the Struna Concert, Russian spruce makes up the top of the violin while flamed maple is utilized for the sides, the back, the bridge and the neck. Ebony is the material used for the fingerboard and the pegs. More importantly, the parts of the violin are set-up and designed to make it easier for the advanced or intermediate student to play or adjust it.


Being a teacher of stringed instruments does have its advantages as Richard has made sure the violin would be as easy as possible to play with. For one, the nut is lowered while the pegs are designed to turn without much effort for quick adjustments. The craftsmanship is impressively precise and the quality of the tone is guaranteed as the production is done under the watchful eye of a string specialist. While the aesthetic feel resembles very much like a Guarneri, the shape and the varnishing take their cue from the eternal Stradivari models.


Knowing that even the most expensive violins will sound poor without the right set up, purchasing a Struna Concert Violin will also include professional set up. It is another guarantee that Richard and Whitehorse Music want to make sure that the new owner would definitely enjoy lessons and playing from the very beginning.  Also, part of the violin package will be the bow and the case.


With the kind of quality the Struna Concert provides, it should not be surprising that it also affords a very nice sound quality. The first feature that is easy to detect is its volume. It has a volume that is big and powerful and can be sustained. Power is simply indispensable in a violin. In fact, many consider power as the foremost consideration in sound quality among violins. A violin or any instrument is only as good as it can be heard by the audience. Violins by nature do not carry the same power as other instruments like flute simply because the sounds of the violin are much closer to the ear of the fiddler. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to pile the numbers of violins in an orchestra.


The big volume and power of the Struna Concert is a cue for soloists to take forward. This is the kind of sound quality that is superb for soloists doing recitals in huge concert halls. This feature should guarantee that the sound of the violin reaches all the way to the back or the top of the venue.


Warmth is also another feature which is showcased by the Struna Concert, especially in the upper registers. This could be because of the deep bottom end of the violin. The warmth of a violin is the perfect foil to its power. Without some warmth, the violin may end up sounding too sharp or too forceful.


Many String Teachers across Australia recognise the Struna Concert’s quality and sound for the great value price point, worth every cent.







(No reviews yet) Write a Review