Fischer, Simon: Practice

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Product Overview

Practice tackles head-on the great variety of challenges involved in mastering the violin. Drawing upon a wide range of judiciously chosen examples from the musical literature, Simon Fischer describes and explains a wealth of practice techniques, often in great physical detail. The greatest gift from a teacher to a student is the understanding of how to practise effectively, and Simon Fischer’s systematic yet inspired approach empowers the player to reap maximum benefit from each practice session, while consistently emphasising the purely artistic goals to which all successful practice should be directed. All the essential components of violin playing are dissected via the chosen repertoire: tone production, intonation, differing bow strokes, vibrato, harmonics, pizzicato, shifting, double stopping, physical freedom, posture etc. The book is rounded off with some more general insights, including a fascinating section aboutdeveloping a secure musical memory. Admirers of Simon Fischer’s celebra ted Basics volume will eagerly embrace his new release, Practice, and will instantly recognise the same peerless command of the subject allied with his engagingly direct style of communication. It is difficult to imagine anyone committed to studying, teaching or playing the violin who would remain untouched by the wisdom and experience distilled in this astonishingly comprehensive and remarkably accessible publication.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review